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artane 5 mg tablets Overview FaLRice is a registered trademark of FaLGates Foods, a fine quality rice product produced and processed from locally farmed Nigerian paddy rice fields.

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Uniqueness & Innovation FaLRice produces finished quality rice for customers without a single grain of dirt or stone. “Quality” is the number one attribute of FaLRice.

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Word Out There FaLRice generates awareness through its distributors known as “FaL-Distributors”. Additionally, FaLRice will meet its customers where they are, focusing on how to provide them with the best quality of rice for their needs.


  • To produce an indigenous Nigerian brand with the best quality rice
  • To showcase quality, thereby achieving international standard in rice production
  • To offer a variety of other rice products and byproducts that can be effectively utilized
  • To generate enough buzz and sales throughout Nigeria bringing a Nigerian brand to compete in the International rice market


  • To become the leaders in the food industry creating employment and eradicating hunger
  • To maintain profit margins at 15-20% through close attention to expenses and cost of goods sold thereby creating access to use of profit for social benefits all across Nigeria
  • To drive awareness and build sales through mentions across all major media platforms